Axles and Bearings

The bushing is injected in nylon with a certain percentage of graphite, providing an excellent lubrication, without the need of maintenance. It is used in light services or of little handling. Its advantage is to be anticorrosive and to have low cost.

It is the most commonly used industrial bearing. Indicated for general use, where there is the application of medium loads with regular movement and manual traction. It is made of carbon steel and the dimensional shaft diameter is supplied in inches. Due to the simplicity of its operation and its low cost, the rollers are suitable for all types of regular floors.

It is a fixed bearing of a ball race that supports medium and axial radial loads. Suitable for high rotations, they are supplied with or without sealing. The dimensional diameter on the shaft, is always provided in millimeters. Indicated for any type of load in constant use, with or without mechanical traction.

Specific to the line of molded rubber wheels, molded polyurethane and iron. They avoid lateral locking of the fork with the wheel and wheel contact directly with the shaft. It is usually used on small wheels or with little movement.

Manufactured in self-lubricating sintered bronze, it is resistant to salt, chemicals and heat. It is indicated for equipment with movement in places of difficult access and that demand low maintenance like cold rooms, industrial furnaces, greenhouses, maresias, among others. This bronze bushing is supplied only on request.