SCHIOPPA was founded in São Paulo, Brazil in August of 1950 — during the Brazilian Industrial Revolution.

Driven by decreased imports during World War II, Brazilian industrial development gained momentum to meet the local demand. In a 1,127-sqm plant with 17 employees, SCHIOPPA invested a lot of resources into the manufacturing of WHEELS AND CASTERS for different purposes, which contributed to a strong market.

Since its inception, SCHIOPPA has been constantly expanding. Now, it has on over 10,000 sqm of industrial facilities, 400 employees, and ISO 9001 quality certification.

SCHIOPPA provides its customers with over 40,000 OPTIONS OF WHEELS AND CASTERS through a comprehensive network of representatives and distributors throughout Brazil and Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the United States. The company’s growth and reach has been made possible thanks to our technical staff that support and innovate in every market segment.

SCHIOPPA is managing innovative, large-scale organizational growth and improvement through its companies Schioppa Wheels & Casters and Schioppa Polymers & Rubber Artifacts. Both have a strong position in the market and stand out for their continuous dedication to social and environmental responsibilities.